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Jonas Hentschel started his film career working as a Set Manager. As his professional experience and knowledge grew on a diverse array of productions he learnt the most important thing while on set - Jonas wanted to be at the heart of the creative motion picture process.

After working for one of Germany’s major camera rental houses Jonas went on to establish a successful career as a Camera Assistant - since 2013 Jonas has been a valued and trusted part of the camera department and since 2023 he started to work as a Camera and Steadicam Operator.

Jonas Hentschel, b. 1990,
Based in Hamburg, Germany

Contact me -

+49 176 619 723 61



2024, Die Pfefferkörner (Series)

2023, Sarah Kohr (TV-Movie)

2023, Die Pfefferkörner (Series)

2022, Mordsschwestern (Series)

2021, Kranitz (Series)



2022, Kulturfolger (Short)

2020, Nur mit dir (Short)

2018, Otto Roombeez (Commercial)

2017, Dylan Papermoon (Feature)

2014, Hope (Short)
2014, Kreislauf (Music Video)

2012, Annäherung (Short)
2011, Brand des UGN 1989 (Feature)
2011, 68 Takte Moll (Short)

2010, Der Ort der verschwundenen Menschen (Short)




2023, Last Exit Schinkenstraße (Series)

2022, The Legend of Wacken (Series)

2022, Sarah Kohr (TV-Movie)

2021, Mittagsstunde (Feature)

2021, Meine Freundin Volker (TV-Movie)

2020, Breisgau (TV-Movie)

2020, Für immer Sommer 90 (TV-Movie)

2019, Check Check (Series)

2019, Die Kanzlei (Series)

2018, Bonnie & Bonnie (Feature)

2018, Nord bei Nordwest (TV-Movie)

2017, Neben der Spur (TV-Movie)

2017, Morden im Norden (Series)

2017, Stralsund (TV-Movie)

2017, Zum Sterben zu früh (TV-Movie)

2016, Bad Cop (Series)
2016, Die Pfefferkörner (Feature)

2016, Happy Burnout (Feature)
2016, Im Tunnel (TV-Movie)
2016, Nachtschicht (TV-Movie)

2015, Der Bulle und das Landei (TV-Movie)

2015, Großstadtrevier (Series)

2014, The Lost Ones (Short)

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